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Dynamite the Liberator

Dynamite the Liberator an alternative indie rock band from Pheonix in the USA started life as an idea in May 2011 with John Yohimbe (Guitar) and Rich Tokatyan (Bass) got together, within short order Marcus Terrell Smith (Vocal) and Chad Calton (drums) were on-board.

Dynamite The Liberator

Dynamite The Liberator

Dynamite the Liberator is another of those bands that makes me feel all grown-up when I come to write a review. Perhaps there is a recollection of the likes of Yes and Deep Purple, which to my young ears at the time of their hey-day seemed so complicated, in fact more complex than Bach to a 9 year old ears. But that is just my sensibilities.

This is highly accessible music to all and sundry, what the quartet do demonstrate is a superb sense of composition. Funk, Blues, rock and roll are encase the space in which the band straddle. There is a sense of maturity in the vocal and out-put which adds a layer of reflective dissonance which plays well with the spacey tracks.

This is music which you  kind of feel a smart pair of trousers, shiny shoes and sharply pressed shirt is expected, but let yourself imbibe the material for a while and the soul can relax in the sound wending its way around the ears.

I enjoy the way the band has blended together so quickly and it is of little surprise they are garnering a decent local following and Dynamite the Liberator may well be a band heading your way quite soon.

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