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Dizzo is the vehicle for Dizzo Manizo from Richardson in the USA to bring out his take on Ugandan Dancehall Reggae.

Dizzo is a dancehall reggae musician from the USA


Infectious beats bounce across the room and the listener is immediately caught up in the sonic waves that seep into the brain and before you know it – you too are swaying in time to the beats. It is little surprise Reggae is so often a meeting place for fans off all genres of music as the pulsating percussion just can’t help but raise the smile. Dizzo adds to this a superb vocal which sparkles with enthusiasm and resonates of  the earthy energy that is  reggae.

The direct influences of Bakisimba generates a sound that distinguishes Ugandan from Jamaican dancehall as the emphasis lies even more strongly on the beat which rumbles through the soul. The trumpet which Dizzo adds sparsely to the tracks generates a superb angle of direction and his additional instrumentation adds a new twist to an old favourite


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