David Rovics

David Rovics from Portland in the USA is an agit-rock poet. David and I started out on completely opposite sides of his introduction – but if you read the Indie Bands Blog regularly you will know how easy that is to do.

David Rovics

David Rovics

Delivering his wry glances of the world in a poetic spoken format, David Rovics reminds me a little of John Cooper Clarke and Benjamin Zephaniah, with his dry wit that rattles out of the speakers. Having worked for some considerable time, he does have a back catalogue, along with a new 12 track release Meanwhile In Afghanistan. To attempt to reflect on each of the tracks would take away the essence of the material as it is its very simple format which is often underlaid by sympathetic instrumentation with a Celtic lilt, which gives this so much entertainment and power.

Breivik takes a wider perspective of how extreme right-wing fascists are tacitly supported by the very nature of Society in Western Europe demonstrates neatly the way in which David Rovics is prepared to take contentious issues and face them head on.

That isn’t to say that he doesn’t have a sense of humour as the LP is lightened by the likes of Watch Out For The Cops, which although still a rail against the machine, is a far easier on the ears.

This is serious music for those who enjoy their music dashed with drops of arsenic and while unlikely to ever grab the centre stage of radio play, in the same way as JCC and Zephania, if you have a sense of perspective, even if you totally disagree with the starting point – then you need to grab hold of the out-put of David Rovics.

Thanks David and please keep doing what you are doing.


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