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Cymbals Eats Guitars

Cymbals Eats Guitars is a psychedelic haze band based in New York in the USA. Having come out from under the radar in 2009, having undertaken a change of personnel and some extensive touring before finishing the follow-up LP - Lenses AlienJoseph D’Agostino (vocal / guitar), Brian Hamilton (Keys), Matt Miller (Drums) and  and Matthew Whipple (bass) create a sound which wanders over extended spaces.

Cymbals Eats Guitars

Cymbals Eats Guitars

With an extravagant flourish which belies the relative newness of the band, Cymbals Eats Guitars is unafraid to demand attention span from the listener. The broad ranging tracks wrap themselves in an ever increasing layers of indulgence as the band wanders to the edges of credibility before bringing it all back to the central pivot.

It is a sound which demands attention and challenges the listener as much as it stretches the traditional construct of songs. Within the folds of sound are some highly competent musicians and engaging combinations of notes, which focus the head squarely on the sonics squirrelling away in to the ears.

This is not a band to sit with for a couple of minutes, as it through familiarity that the space makes sense and the quality of the music is appreciated.


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