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Comfort Slacks

Comfort Slacks is the electro-pop duo of Jessie and Matt – based in Napa in the USA.

Comfort Slacks

Comfort Slacks

When I received a parcel in the post from a quizzical looking postman as he thought I had lost the plot as the label on the container stated boldly Comfort Slacks (In the UK we still have the postman actually delivering the post, rather than throwing it in a box a mile down the road for us to collect), containing what looked like a bright pink fleshlight – that turned out to be a a fun echo-mic - well how could I not be intrigued.

It is bright and sunny as I write my thoughts on Comfort Slacks and there is no better space that I would like to be. The songs are known from the demo they set as up on bandcamp almost a year ago, but after some rework this is a sound that would work superbly in a slightly seedy venue as the rumbling resonances tremble through the desk as I type. The duo frenetically burst pop bubbles as the material slithers around the room, lightening the heart, but engaging the brain as the use of instrument and synth combine in the lower resonances with a delightful catch on to which the brain latches – taking the whole body on a ride of wonderment and joy.

The whole package needs to be ingested to gain maximum enjoyment – the glass of the CD I received is as thick as a plate and the player had to work out what they were faced with – had I mistaken the slot for a dishwasher? This is a duo making a statement and the statement they are sharing is one of absolute joy.

Comfort Slacks at The P.A.C. House from ascension on Vimeo.


The Biscuit Face Ep is being released in its full glory on the 12th March 2013.

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