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Candidate consists of Cedric Sparkman (Vocals), Laurence Adams (Guitar), Jason Matuskiewicz (Bass) and Chris Infusino (Drums); based in Brooklyn, New York. The band’s sound is laden with a heavy fuzz effect, reminiscent of early Muse. But don’t let this trick you into believing there is no substance to the music!



I am delighted that it isn’t just me that enjoys the introductions from Banter Media – Nathan – thanks for the review…..

‘Dreamrock’ is not a genre I am entirely familiar with; in fact, I had never heard of it before listening to Candidate. The band’s bio starts with a description of dreamrock. Here it is for those of you who, like me, are dreamrock virgins: a combination of post-punk and shoegaze with late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s American indie and grunge and Britpop. My first instinct was to assume ‘dreamrock’ is one of the pretentious genres that artists fabricate in order to make themselves sound ‘different’.

This said, I cannot think of a better genre to put Candidate into!

Their songs are well constructed, “hook-laden anthems” (the words used in their bio) that are very easy to unearth the feel of. And the feel to their music a major factor in understanding the band, Candidate have certainly developed a distinctive sound. The vocals switch between low mumbling and wailed highs, always with real pain behind them. This adds to the feeling of authenticity you cannot avoid when listening to the band. Their music is very honest, and that is a credit to them.

The single City of Hate has a dark, almost gothic, feeling to it. Although this in itself may not be the most original sound, Candidate make it their own incredibly effectively.


City of Hate is available on City of Hate - Single - Candidate*

I wish Candidate the best of luck for their second album release, scheduled for later this year. They certainly have something to give, and it should be heard.

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