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Caitlin Rose

Caitlin Rose, is from Nashville in the USA and it will come as no great shock to learn that there is more than an element of Country in the output.

Caitlin Rose

Caitlin Rose

The strength in the out-put lies in the heartfelt compositions. I haven’t suddenly gone all woolly jumper on myself, but just because a tune doesn’t have a disturbingly loud bass, doesn’t mean I can’t find some connection.

What marks out a band for inclusion on the indie bands blog website, is a mixture of things, but the essential ingredient is that the material adds something to the world of music and with no doubt Caitlin Rose ticks the box. Alternative Country may be a more suitable coat to wear, else the blinkers shut over many ears and although much of this genre steeps of sentimental drudgery, each band sounding precisely the same, here we have an artist who takes a slightly different lyrical perspective and threads through some new twists to the genre, whilst maintaining at the core, the essential ingredient that keeps generations of Country Fans coming back for more, that very sameness that turns off those not in to the scene.

Many genres suffer this self same issue, each band wanting to sound more ‘essential’ than the next, but each failing dismally.

What Caitlin Rose is able to achieve, is to open the door a crack to a broader audience as the saccharine sweetness is sharpened with some Bitter Aloes and the music dusted down with a Dyson cleaner, rather than a straw brush. Suddenly we have something relevant and with enough to draw in a wider audience.

Caitlin Rose – Own Side Now by ATO Records


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