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Brian Mackey

Brian Mackey is a singer songwriter based in New York in the USA, though originally from the Northern Florida/Georgia borders. He has encapsulated his life experiences, which adds a different dimension to a musician based in New York.

Brian Mackey

Brian Mackey

Americana, country-blues and indie-pop all waft out of the speakers as the listener is given an insight in to the personal impact of rural early life colliding with big city as an adult. There is a powerful emotionally driven content to the music, which is topped off by an engaging vocal.

It is possible to draw many references from the music, but it is the blending that marks Brian Mackey as one to take the time to listen. Slower reflections are countered by more up-beat tempo and the vocal has the ability to settle comfortably in the atmosphere drawing the maximum out of the instrumentation.

This sits so squarely in the middle of the road it is in danger of being hit by traffic coming both ways, but there is that intangible quality that raises this to something worthwhile. Brain doesn’t try to re-invent any wheels, but he does take a diversity of influences and sweeps them in to a pile of introspection, from which he is able to compose some highly emotionally charged pieces of work.


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