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Boxed Wine

Boxed Wine an alternative indie rock band started life in 2011 when the New Jersey – USA, based quartet of Chris Mactire (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Ralph Nicastro (Lead Guitar), Nick Kanderis (Bass) and Shane Maloney (Drums) decided now was their time.

Boxed Wine

Boxed Wine

They have neatly been able to introduce the second guitar, without actually becoming a guitar rock band, using the additional set of strings to explore the grittier edges of alternative rock. The frame of the music centres around the driving percussion and snorting bass, to which the guitars add more of the same energy, whilst resonating depths of texture to the sound. The vocal tops off a finely honed band, which somewhat surprisingly, given the New Jersey location, seep European rock structures from the pores.

The lyrics search the anxieties of relationships, whilst the music reflects that conundrum with the depths and crossovers Boxed Wine delivers. I am increasingly finding bands in the USA referencing Americana in the out-put, so this makes for an interesting diversion which I trust is well received in the home territory as it breaks the familiarity of the local clublands. Certainly were they based in the UK, they would fit neatly as a national touring out-fit.

I was particularly drawn to their self-deprecating bio which describes Boxed Wine thus

‘…After forming in 2011, they quickly released their first EP and started referring to themselves in the third person….’

That alone just made me feel well disposed towards the musicians, delightfully there is a musical talent which underlines the personalities in the group.


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