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Bottle Cap Rockets

From Ringwood, New Jersey in the USA, Bottle Cap Rockets play a guitar led Rock’n'Roll.  Al Gross (Singer/songwriter& guitarist), Dana De La Rosa (Drums) and Joe Starosielec (Bass Guitar), who got together in early 2010. All experienced musicians, they have been able to generate a strong shape to the band in a very short space of time.

Bottle Cap Rockets

Bottle Cap Rockets

Superb riffs and tempo, make Bottle Cap Rockets an essential addition to my playlist. Pared back to the roots, this is how a good rock band can make a mark. It works, as the musicians are all attuned and skilled, creating a tight, yet effervescent sound with ease.

It takes some confidence to rip away the layers of complication in a world where this style of music has been left out in the cold for far too long. Bottle Cap Rockets are deft exponents and the power riffs which are held together by bass and drum and enhanced by understated vocal make this clever, clean music.

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