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Beth Bombara

Beth Bombara is the Americana / blues singer songwriter from St. Louis in the USA.

Beth Bombara

Beth Bombara

Theoretically I should be coming out in a rash, such is my typical reaction to this style of music. However it remains and continues to develop as a force because when it is done well, there is a powerful emotional root to the material. Beth Bombara has a good lyrical grasp that fits superbly with the musical score and the combination of the two make for a sound that attracts the ears. The essence of the style is stark simplicity with as much emphasis on the commas and full stops as the music and here Beth excels.

A nicely layered robust lower note register is countered by imaginative use of instrumentation to provide a context in which the vocals are able to flow and gild the output, developing a somatosensory flow which connects with the brain. The rootsy blues which courses its way through the material makes for Beth Bomba to raise her head above the mundane. Rather than a rash, I find myself responding well to the surface naivety which combined with well matched lyrical and tune makes for a captivating space to start the weekend.


Wish I Were You – Beth Bombara is available on iTunes*.

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