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Beloved Rogue

Beloved Rogue, from Brooklyn in the USA have been together since late 2008 when Sean Finnigan (Vocals, Guitar) Michael Petrucelly (Drums) and Alex Koch (Vocals, Bass and Guitar) who had known each other while playing in different bands, got together. In the past year the band have released anEP, which was recorded in live sessions then over dubbed with guitar and vocal harmonies in a home studio.

Beloved Rogue

Beloved Rogue

The trio play what can best be described as dreamy rock. The effect is atmospheric guitar drenched in reverb, over the melodies and vocals. The lyrics themselves are based in the realities of life, and nostalgic memories and reflect a harder edge than the musical sound initially implies. Daysleeping, which contains the essential elements of Beloved Rogue, is about addicts sleeping off the effect of a fix outside a methadone clinic. This is a well balanced group who use reverb effectively to generate an output which has multiple layers creating an over all sound which can be both challenging and relaxing in the same instant.

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Current plans include a new single and considerable time on the road. The name comes from a 1927 silent film but Beloved Rogue are very much of the 21st Century and like silent films, have a a strong story to tell if you set your mind free.

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2 Responses to “Beloved Rogue”
  1. Mike says:

    saw these guys a few times they are great live check em out

  2. rick says:

    I saw these guys at pete’s candy store in brooklyn last week. really impressive.

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