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Bashful Hips

Bashful Hips is the vehicle for the Aspen, USA based musician Ian Fellerman to get his inner creative soul out in to the world and over a fourteen month period concluding in August 2013 he is releasing a monthly LP. This month saw Volume XI see the light of day.

Bashful Hips

Bashful Hips

I regularly receive introductions from bands with one song for me to hear, which is never enough and although I have been following the release series by Bashful Hips for a while now I am always amazed that another month arrives and so does another full LP with the occasional Video to accompany. More than that, each release is put out for free, although limited physical edition copies – numbers created correspond to the number of tracks on the release – and are available from his website. I am somehow reminded of Space Creator Band with the prolific output.

What about the music you ask – well I was getting there slowly….. Whilst there is a distinguishable sound of distressed lo-fi electronics that wends its way through the material and some criticise that it all sounds the same, in my opinion they have neither read the lyrics nor actually listened to the tracks. What Fellerman is creating is almost a diary entry of music and words, as the mood is dependent and reflective of the mindset at the time of creation and this makes for an intriguing catalogue of a journey inside a creators mind. On this basis there would be an expectation that the tracks of each Volume will be of similar mould, but it is when you travel across the timeline that this becomes a must have collection of releases to obtain.

There is something of a pleasure to be taken by taking the weekend to play these back to back. Ian Fellerman  indicates that come August 2013 he will have got it all off his chest, but I hope he continues with his diary entries whether in the guise of Bashful Hips or as a different entity which have become an essential part of my monthly ‘must listen to’.

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