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Red Vellum Razorblades

Red Vellum Razorblades, from Trindidad and Tobago, comprise Nick (vocals), Ravi (lead guitar), Justin (rhythm guitar), Blinks (bass) and Peter (drums), originally started back in 2004 with Nick and Ravi, but came together as a unit in 2006., with an album behind them, I was as surprised by the output from the Caribbean sunshine as I expect you may be.

Red Vellum Razorblades

Red Vellum Razorblades

Huge beats and crashing noises envelop my ears as I wander in to the space, that is called Red Vellum Razor Blades, but is is finely controlled, a space I love to engage and so knocked off my kilter as I head to the Caribbean to hear it.

Nick on vocal slices through the atmosphere, as the band wanders to spaces which need exploration, the sound of powerful drumming dominates. This is a night for flashing blades, as it hits to a heart felt resonance, not a night to die, but a night to fight, which is off-set by superb tinkles on keyboard and fine jazz beats. I am transposed back to before my day, of mods and rockers, a time to take a stance and a time to take a chance.

As their track F.A.U.S.T. proclaims, ‘not what you expected. I have absolute respect for a band from the Caribbean who turns upside down the expectations. High voltage rock, which pulls through anxieties from across the globe, from a space which is not expected to produce anything other than the stereo-type. Red Vellum Razorblades are a complete revelation, not because of their geographic location, but how they manage to fuse disparate sounds to a discernible space.

This is a band to hear live, but I haven’t had the pleasure and they are looking for spaces to play, which in Trinidad and Tobago comes as no great shock.


They have some hugely powerful material inside their souls, which explodes with some fireworks. Behind the cliches, this is a band who have much to offer the world of music, that tinkly keyboard has the irony which marks them out from yet another thrash metal, Green Day mash-up.

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  1. sovi says:

    everyone love Jazz….

    interesting post… !


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