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Budget from Monterrey in Mexico is a four piece jazz funk indie quartet of Théo Zorg (Vocals, & Piano), Alex García (Vocals, & Guitar), Diego Rodríguez (Bass) and Santiago Valdés (Drums) have since 2010 been enlivening audiences in live performance.



Reflecting on a declining Society and Drug wars, Budget manage to lift the spirit with a sense of hope.

Let’s be upfront here, this won’t sit on my play-list, but there is no reason that it won’t sit on yours. Budget has an ingredient which either enthralls or appalls, a bit like Marmite. But of far more import, the band reflects on a world around them and rather than sliding in to contrition, the quartet strike a highly effective medium in which to consider the wider spaces.

The fusion floats around the Malleus bone, lingers, takes a sip of cocktail and a puff of the cigar before sashaying off to to a distant corner. There is a sweet smell of decadence which belies the focus of the lyric, which in and of itself makes Budget a considered and appealing group of musicians.


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