Enter The Haggis

From Toronto in Canada, Enter The Haggis have been around since early this century. Trevor Lewington (vocals and guitar), Brian Buchanan (vocals, fiddle, keyboards and guitar), Craig Downie (bagpipes, harmonica, whistle and vocals), Mark Abraham ( bass, vocals and Bruce McCarthy (drums) combine to generate current Celtic rock.

Enter The Haggis

Enter The Haggis

Often bands don’t need comparisons, purely superlatives-  bagpipes – what more can I say. To bother with the bands they sound like is to do Enter The Haggis an injustice. Karen Blakeley from United For Opportunity contacted me just over a year ago, ouch the back-log and as soon as I heard their music the band immediately became an instant play-list addition.

The whole concept of wrapping up (erm, I feel comparatives coming on here), 21st Century CBGBs with ’80s Irish new wave while throwing in a bagpipe surely can’t work. but for sure it does. To my ears that high pitched vocal twang – despite having a choice of 4 vocalists is the weakest link to this superb out-fit.

A multi-instrumental band is far more than the sum of the vocal and their creative compositions and generous breadth can be forgiven a weakness, albeit I recognise that to an issue with my ears, which is perhaps why I never did get Heavy Rock with the tinny voices and why ’70s American Punk always sounded like a cat fight rather than anything relevant. Heading back on to the tracks, Enter The Haggis have garnered a strong following, extensive tour schedule and discography due to their undoubted capability.

I could recommend a listen to any of a multitude of tracks and each stands a a superb introduction to the band. So perhaps if you haven’t picked up on Enter The Haggis yet, try out the latest release – 7th June 2011 The Canadian Connection available on The Canadian Celtic Connection - Enter The Haggis*


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