A Primitive Evolution

A Primitive Evolution is the alternative rock trio of Brett Carruthers (Vocals / Guitar), Stu Dead (Drums) and Stephany Seki (Bass / Vocals) from Toronto in Canada.

A Primitive Evolution - Photo by Samit Bhatia

A Primitive Evolution – Photo by Samit Bhatia

Rolling peels of bass rattle through the speakers as A Primitive Evolution play the darker side of rock. There is in earthy tinge to the music which is delivered with precision. The lower tones are what adds considerably to the value of the band and they keep the listener engaged not only cerebrally, but feeling the material flow through the bones.

Compositions cover much ground as the audience is treated to resonances of ’80s new wave infused with rock breaks and all in all it creates a sound that works extremely well. There is a powerful undercurrent of pent-up energy that is released into the room, but it is played with a tempered measure, which adds considerably to the overall atmosphere and keeps the listener engrossed in clean sounds that have a frayed edge to them.

When bass is left to take centre stage, I find myself reminded of The Stranglers and it is a space I could spend many minutes, in addition to this thumping bottom line, the guitar is also given plenty of room to breathe, whilst the vocal  swirls overhead and the percussion keeps the tracks moving forward.

On occasion they do veer towards the sounds of U2 and as you know my opinion that lot I am delighted to say that is only the odd foray as A Primitive Evolution keep the vast majority of their material within the context of an alternative rock dynamic.


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