Vaqueros Paganos – congratulations

It is always good to keep in touch with the bands I write about on the blog and I try to do that as much as possible. It isn’t always possible to write posts of congratulations as many of the bands go on developing their career, but it is good to be able to post snippets here and there.

Vaqueros Paganos - en La Cigale - foto por Maca

Vaqueros Paganos - en La Cigale - foto por Maca

Vaqueros Paganos, who came top of the charts for the band of the month in September of this year have just won a competition in Argentina which could make some real difference to their deserved success.

Coco, the Bass player, is studying Computer Science and this enabled the band to enter a University competition to gain an indie festival appearance, TV appearance, Radio appearance and Studio Recording time. Out of two hundred entrants Vaqueros Paganos emerged as a winner and as a result will be playing at the Festival Buen Día, in Buenos Aires this Friday.

I am really pleased for them, as not only are they a good group, but are genuinely nice people. Clara V has helped me with translations for articles on two other bands whose members don’t speak good English.

Click the link for more on Vaqueros Paganos, or as I prefer to log them in my brain, The Pagan Cowboys.

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