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There is a thin line between work and play

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This easy to enter competition – A thin line between work and play – being run by Dell, matches neatly with the Website, as it is as simple as choosing your two favourite tracks, one for work and the other for play.

A thin line between work and play

In return, for selecting your two favourite tracks, there are two main prizes of a Dell Inspiron™ Duo laptop and ten runner up prizes of 3 months subscription to we7 Premium.

As I have often said, when I write a review, I am always listening to the music I write about, so my work inspiration choice, has to be – whoever I am writing about.

For play, again my play list changes constantly and I would be happy to listen to any of the tracks by the bands featured on the blog….. But if I was forced to make a choice – New Rose by The Damned.

You can however make a far more informed choice on the Dell Facebook page, using their simple to enter competition by heading over to Work Play Win

I have over the years used Dell computers, which I have been quite happy with, the Inspiron Duo laptop, is not a machine I have ever used, has been specced so that you can either type using a conventional keyboard, or flip it over and use the touch sensitive screen, giving quick access to music, photos etc., which I must say I quite like the idea of.

The runner up prize isn’t too shabby either, 3 months to We7 Premium. We7 is a music streaming service, which lets you select what you want to hear – on demand – and share it with your friends.

It would be an interesting chart,  I am sure that readers of the blog came up with – the Dell Facebook page is the place to enter the competition and take your chance to win.

It is now time for me to get inspiration, hey I like the pun and head over that thin line between work and play to get another review written.

Have a good one, whatever you do with it and good luck with the Work Play Win competition and don’t forget to let me know if you do win one of the prizes

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