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The-O PR

Finding a good PR agent is never easy for a band, one whose emails I always open are The-O PR.

The-O PR

The-O PR

Their press material tells me all I need to know to spark an interest. Background on the band, relevant links, some images and a press release.

Readers of the blog will know I am not generally a fan of press releases, as too often they tell me nothing, other than advertising waffle. The-O press releases however give me some genuine material I can grab and use to create an article. They are also responsive to any questions I have about the band, ensuring I can make contact with the bands members if appropriate and providing me with additional information as requested.

I receive a multitude of Press material daily, much of it absolute junk and I feel sorry for the bands who are paying those agents.

The-O PR are in my experience a decent firm running out of offices in London, who are doing their best for their bands and representing those bands in a useful way.

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