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New Year Ninety 2013 70 – 61

Here on the New Year Ninety 2013 let’s take a look at numbers 70 to 61.

During the course of the past year some new sections have been added to the Indie Bands Blog, including an interview section in which there is an opportunity to find out more of the behind the scenes with various bands who feature on the website and I look forward to continuing to develop this section throughout 2013.

Tim - Indie Bands Blog

Tim – Indie Bands Blog


70 – The Blind Hearts (England)

Crying Shame is available on Crying Shame - EP - The Blind Hearts*

69 – Divorce (Scotland)

The Eponymous LP is available on Divorce - Divorce*

68 – The Happy Hippo Family (Sweden)

Mustache is available on Mustache - Single - The Happy Hippo Family*

67 – Redwire (England)

Playing With Fire is available on Playing With Fire - Single - Redwire*

66 – Firstborn (Sweden)

65 – Maybe The Welders (USA)

The Hot Shot is available on The Hot Shot - EP - Maybe the Welders*

64 – Pretty Solitude (Sweden)

Hollow is available on Hollow - Pretty Solitude*

63 – Audiogold (England)

Perception Of Colour is available on Perception of Colour - EP - Audiogold*

62 – Gentlemen Duke (England)

Mild Mannered Madmen is available on Mild Mannered Madmen - EP - Gentlemen Duke*

61 – Magic Carpet Factory (England)

Feel The Magic is available on Feel the Magic - EP - Magic Carpet Factory*

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*Purchases made through the Mustache - Single - The Happy Hippo Family link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission

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