Tsigoti – The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again

The Italian agit-rock indie band Tsigoti released, on the 28th August 2012, their 16 track LP –  The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again.

Tsigoti - The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again (Post-Consumer, 2012)

Tsigoti – The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again


The material resonates with the frustrations of a world on its head, where morality is a paradox of insensibilities.

The Headline Whisper Screams is two minutes of industrial malaise punctuated by a sneering vocal.

On Our Way To Moving On The Way is a free jazz instrumental reflective of a land laid to waste.

Sometimes With Our Knowledge follows the key ingredient of the power of the music – brevity, rarely do tracks extend much over two minutes.

Sometimes with Mass Confusion is an engaging structure which packs in melodious orchestration and chaotic anxiety in to precisely 120 seconds.

Thousands More Locked up Today is one of the longer tracks, extending across four minutes, with a military drum opening, before heading to the futility of the lives wasted in war as piano charges through a battle-zone.

On The Way To Another Thing is a more traditional rock construct with an ever rising tempo which flashes out of the speakers like a sharpened sword.

Propaganda Blows  I particularly enjoy and the pick of the LP to my ears, visceral bass drives forward a track which makes the very room drip with the protestations.

Hurricanes Of Distortion resonates of brain numbing bass before blowing up in to a mass of dismembered parts.

When The Hard Reign Comes Down has the brain feeling as though it has been run-over by a steam-roller.

Drowning the Baffelgab fuses jazz piano with a prophetically vocal led challenge.

Thousands Killed Again Today is a superb composition, music with a polka beat demanding the body gets up and claps, yet the vocal is reflecting of the futility of war. A reflective of Nationalistic Media Celebrations over the killing of what the State deems the enemy.

Liberty Versus Freedom follows on the theme, this time encased in the jaunty piano pub tempo of Chas & Dave.

Unargued Argument is a disturbing rendition of sounds hear as though through a  prison wall.

This Is A Constant is a dissertation of the world placed in context, challenging the flag waving jamboree.

Action Is Necessary – lays out a challenge to the listener to do more than merely passively hear the LP.

For The Continued Existence Of wraps wind instruments, strings and keys to deliver a sound that repels as much as it intoxicates. A well judged composition.

The track order on the LP will probably be different to that laid out here as I was sent a pre-release version to hear.

Well worth the time to get to know Tsigoti if you haven’t come across them previously.

The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again is available on The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again - TSIGOTI*

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