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The Newds – Ready – EP review

The Newds from Bolton in England released a new EP – Ready –  on the 13th January 2013.

The Newds

The Newds

Back in the last century (1999) to be more precise Paul Meagher (Vocal / Guitar) and Dean Woods (Guitar) set up an art school project, after various iterations the current line-up of this alternative indie band includes both Paul and Dean plus Daniel Garthwright (Drums), Tony Sabanskis (keyboard) and John Fallon (Bass).

Ready is a four track EP which resonates of political and social hypocrisy and stands as a testament to the UK in the second decade of the 21st Century.

Go Getter has the delightful lightness of The Meaning of Life by Monty Python, while fuzzy guitars saw away to the acerbic lyric of a life in tatters. I feel the sense that Cool For Cats by Squeeze was a central sound-track to this piece of music which left me smiling at the juxtaposition of the musical lilt and abject destruction of the subject matter.

Evermore darkens the tonality with a lower register which metronomically describes the opening scenes prior to a sonorous almost spoken vocal enters the scene and the whole piece is brought to a higher plane with a military marching snared drum which in its simplicity captures the futility. A track I will regularly play and worth the EP on its own.

Mr. Happy Sunshine is probably set to become a popular track and is undoubtedly of top notch quality, but regular readers will understand precisely why I just can’t get this in to my bloodstream – The Beatles and Brit-pop à la Oasis are the heart and soul of this piece.

Finishing with Chasing Shadows, which is a fine closer as it brings the mix of the EP together in a crescendo of reflective –  accompanied by new wave rock of the current age.

As this is but the start of the 2013 I look forward to hearing what The Newds come up with later in 2013 – I for one certainly hope an LP at least.

Ready is available on Ready - EP - The Newds*

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