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The Heartbreaks – Debut Album – Funtimes

The indie-pop band The Heartbreaks who the indie bands blog first reviewed over two years ago now and have remained perennial favourites with the readers of the website have their debut 10 track LP Funtimes set for release tomorrow 7th May 2012.

The Heartbreaks - Fun Times

The Heartbreaks -Fun Times

Whilst the band has developed in confidence and visibility since seeing them back in April 2010 and the initial review in March 2010, they remain essentially the same high energy band of two years ago.

Opening with Liar, My Dear the band set out the stall of Costelloesque vocal wrapped inside a thumping dance beat. This I am sure is one of their original touring tracks, if only I had stayed to pick up the set-list I could confirm that.

Delay, Delay picks up the pace a notch, while the vocal steps in to Joy Division territory. The band has nicely framed their known strengths in the opening two tracks.

Hand on Heart finds the band in more thoughtful mode as the bass lines and drums are given centre stage. The band handle this material with the necessary emotional pull,  whilst not dragging it down to a mood crushing level.

Winter Gardens is an interesting diversion as the track is more rock based number, in which the rolling drums act as a perfect foil to the vocal.

Half way through Funtimes finds Remorseful which shimmers like the ripples on the sea as the band stretch their wings, demonstrating their unexplored potential.

One clue that The Heartbreaks give with the song titles, is that if it has a comma in it, the track is back to the core strengths and sound of the band. Jealous, Don’t You Know being the third track on the album with a comma.

Gorgeous is as it says on the tin – gorgeous, the tempo is shifted up a gear and the instruments wind their way through each other whilst the chorus blends voices to an engaging harmony. The strongest track on the LP I believe.

Polly is a plaintiff dreamy number that floats like bubbles in the bath around the room and the quality of composition from Gorgeous is maintained.

The penultimate track Save Our Souls leads the listener back to the dance floor with yet another powerful drum that reaches through the layers of music to draw the body in to move mode.

Finishing with I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You, The Heartbreaks round off a fine release which contains sufficient of the known to enrapture the core fans and sufficient differentiation to showcase the immense talent contained within the quartet to attract a new following.

Funtimes is available on The Heartbreaks*

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