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The Dark Lights EP review The Boy Who Saw Through Walls

The Dark Lights have a new 4 track EP set for release today The Boy Who Saw Through Walls.

The Dark Lights - The Boy Who Saw Through Walls

The Dark Lights - The Boy Who Saw Through Walls

Opening with The Eye a delightful introduction to the dark synthetic rock that is The Dark Lights. Three minutes in which to divest your inhibitions and slide in to the smoky atmosphere. Scintillating beats spread like tentacles sucking the accepting listener inwards.

Makers takes the EP in to a more glass shattering space, as the dulcet vocal lies against a high ceiling of synth that resonates throughout despite the throbbing bass which grabs hold of and thunders around the ears with disturbing pleasure. This I like very much and wish the two and a half minutes were longer.

Wandering off to Taking Thought a track with an off-beat Synth and Mini-Organ, how could you not become involved in the inventive reggae beats that open the track, I wish they flowed for longer. Hot got exotic as the chorus says ‘Find a Pot of Gold’.

All too quickly we find the last track I Keep Counting and all of a sudden shirts are pressed and we find Dark Lights hitting the one I fear they will release as a single. Not the best, but the one that will resonate with most tympanic membranes. A decent sound, but not the heart and soul.

The Boy Who Saw Through Walls is be available on Amazon*

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