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The Brassic – Modern Lust

Joe Young of The Brassic, sent me a copy of the limited release album Modern Lust, which unfortunately has been sitting on my ‘Must Write’ pile for far too long now, sorry guys.

The Brassic - Modern Lust

The Brassic - Modern Lust

It is a superb 8 track release, which exposes the core of the band and reminds me, every time I listen to it, which is pretty regularly, why I enjoy The Brassic so much.

Opening with Modern Lust, which bursts with high octane and a tune which has a lilting energy, one moment powerfully driving forward, then taking a whimsical slide to explore a phrase. This 3 and a half minute tracks stands superbly on its own.

This is a CD full of surprises and following on is Tall Tales which sees the band extolling adept guitar riffs. Steeped in ’60s nostalgia, the track pays homage to a past era with an update that reflects it is now the 21st Century. Images of ’60s pop spiral through my head as I listen to this. The track is tight, well constructed and doesn’t take itself too seriously, great stuff.

Tall Tales by thebrassicband

Hard on its heels comes Lightweight Loosie, which brings the band straight up to date, shoegaze, meets ska beats. The Brassic superbly meld two conflicting styles of music with ease, leaving not a raucous noise, but great sound. One of my favourite tracks on the release.

Lightweight Loosie by thebrassicband

Do Your Thing, contains all the essential elements of why I like this band. Fast, controlled and the band sounding as though this is such natural territory. One of those tracks that demands getting involved, be it belting out the chorus, dancing or just waving a fist in the air and drumming aimlessly on the table top. Yes please, more of this.

The Runaround, has the band in a more serious mood, as they explore a broader space with greater depth to their sound and they carry it off well. This takes the band out of perennial pub gigs as they show they are able to carry a complexity to their music, without loosing their core elements.

Still Sinning, I just love the guitar opening, as the plectrum slides on its edge down the guitar string, catching each ridge. I could listen to that for a few minutes quite happily as that technique takes me straight back to the Wargasm Album released by Pax records in 1982. I digress. This track again sees the band exploring some new spaces, Fisher on vocals demonstrates himself as a useful vocalist while the guitars of Jamie and Billy interplay superbly.

Still Sinning by thebrassicband

Robber and the Supermodel, has the band playing a tight well controlled track. With a nod to Ultravox, this once again has the band playing to it’s strengths, with Joe showing he knows his way around a drum kit and Ian cranking up the bass, while the guitars swhirl away, all brought together by the vocal. A well crafted track.

Robber & The Supermodel by thebrassicband

The release is over all to soon with Love don’t Pay the Rent, has the Brassic once again demonstrating their high energy levels, in a great rendition, with tempo changes handled with consummate ease.

Love Don’t Pay The Rent by thebrassicband

The CD finishes with a bonus Beatles Cover, as the Beatles don’t sit on any playlist I have ever owned, I couldn’t tell you how this fares against the original, I can say, I enjoyed the track, which has the high energy which the band inhabit.

The Brassic write about a world inhabited by those struggling with the reality of every day existence, as money, relationships and life collide against each other. I believe they are in the studio preparing their first official release, I will be in the queue to get an early copy.

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