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Talk to Angels new Single Hickory Dickory

Talk to Angels a four piece indie band from Bradford in England - Mickey Dale (Keyboard /Vocals), Craig Kaye (Guitar /Vocals), Lee Waud (Bass /Vocals) and George Riley (Drums) are immediately of the time and with a new LP coming out in mid 2012 have a single release out on 30th January, Hickory Dickory in advance of the album.

Hickory Dickory by Talk to Angels

Hickory Dickory by Talk to Angels

Hickory Dickory is three and a half minutes of unadulterated fun. These guys are the potential of the Nirvana of the 2010′s. Wander out to many venues and you will hear this pouring from the speakers, but is it done with such aplomb? No. After coming up to 5 years, Talk to Angels rise a head and shoulder above the mosh-pit. Chanting oesophagus  stretches over the bounding guitar as the drum snaps fast on the heels with a bass given plenty of space to sweep up the stragglers, but of key note is the keyboard which is used to raise what passes for a smile on my face. That keyboard, which I recall someone setting up one day on one of my band practices and being met with such derision, it was destroyed and the suggester removed with less politeness from the studio, is used to immense effect, like the necessary salt on a bag of chips.

I thought I would also take the opportunity to review another track by the band - Off the Radar, well this takes the band from being a leading local band to a national contender. Here we find a highly competent construction with all the elements necessary for a feel-good factor. While the track runs for just over four minutes, the elements combine instantaneously and your ears know they are listening to something special, enabling the track to wallow around the head, as Talk to Angels ratchet up the depth (if that is possible) and stake their claim to what has been  a sublime start to new releases in early 2012.

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