Sonic Hearts Foundation – Into Forever – EP review

It was May 2012 that I first introduced Sonic Hearts Foundation and they have just released their first EP – the four track Into Forever.

Sonic Hearts Foundation - Into Forever EP review

Sonic Hearts Foundation – Into Forever

What I liked about Sonic Hearts Foundation then, I still like about them now – the industrial malaise that swathes their material in clouds of sparks and pollution. Opening with Azrael a brooding forbearance seeps slowly into the room casting a pall of unrelenting progressions which steadfastly subsume everything in its path. A superb opener and on instantly familiar territory.

Next comes Northern Lights which sonically reflects perfectly the subject area as the opening shimmers with shoegaze guitar, though riven through the extended track of just over 5 minutes is the ever present rumbling percussion. Like the ever changing hues of the aurora borealis the patterns of sounds are ever changing and this a piece that demonstrates Sonic Hearts Foundation are not just good, but great songwriters. Worth the price of Into Forever on its own.

USA takes us back to the industrial landscape and once again through a creative composition the quartet is able to portray powerful imagery of a society struggling with internal conflict. My pick of the release.

Just by title the closer –  1984 has my immediate attention, as Orwell is one of my top pick authors. What Sonic Heart Foundation do profoundly well is to join together their song titles with the sentiment of the track and instead of needing a lyric and sound full of invective they are able to construct music which paints the images of all not being well in the society around.

Into Forever is a fine debut EP which runs at just coming up to 19 minutes, yet, the time seems to fly past in a flash.

Into Forever – EP – Sonic Hearts Foundation is available on iTunes*

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