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Roses Kings Castle | One Born Every Minute

Roses Kings Castles have a new single out on 2nd May – One Born Every Minute, my thoughts.

Roses Kings Castles | One Born Every Minute

Roses Kings Castles | One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute, I was immediately transported back to Twin Peaks and David Lynch, an under-current that all is not as it seems. This is a great track with an atmosphere of superb depth, the opening lyric encapsulates the Lynch theme of power games. Musically this is a song that naturally resonates, with reverb that makes my heart smile, the lyric calls me to arms. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the underlying abuse – unspoken and unseen. Great track.

Sit Down, finds an acoustic challenge. While there is a nod to The Beatles commercial hip, far more importanly Roses Kings Castles, raise a new avenue to explpore. Acoustics are not, as you all know something that makes me leap in to action, but dome well, they deserve space and with a powerful lyric they deserve acceptance. Sit Down, I could imagine Tom Robinson Band crashing in to.

One Born Every Minute by Roses Kings Castles by 360degreemusic

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