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Reader’s Wives – Secrecy and Sex EP

Available from 9th November is the Reader’s Wives debut EP Secrecy and Sex. The five track EP showcases the superb songwriting skills, which mark out the Dublin based band from the run of the mill. Reader's Wives - Secrecy & Sex - EP

Reader' Wives - Secrecy and Sex

Reader' Wives - Secrecy and Sex

Sexually attracted to myself, is a lilting piece of work which provides a breadth of humour, superb instrumentation and real quality of musicianship as the slightly haunting echos bounce against the crystal clear vocals.

Advertising Heroin is constantly driven forward by the persistent beat of bass and drum, which suit superbly the lyric as the chaos of a life as an addict reaches its stuttering conclusion.

I don’t need to be seduced took me in to a smoke filled jazz room as the pace is slowed down once again. This is a complex piece of work that Reader’s Wives handle with ease.

The acoustic Dublin is all Pubs and Cranes is for me the most challenging track, as we are taken through the diversity of life in the city full of opportunity and extreme poverty.

I know I’m not your hero anymore uses, (I think) a muted megaphone to deliver the lyrics as the band reflect on a life that could have been so different. The use of a distorted voice of Niall H. gives the distinct feeling that the band is talking to a far more general audience. Without being condemnatory the question is clearly posed, do we all really do the best we can, or is the price of change more than we want to pay?

The EP, Secrecy and Sex is a great collection of work, as Reader’s Wives display their musical and songwriting abilities and far more importantly a genuine affinity for the work. There is absolutely no doubt this is an EP Reader’s Wives wanted to release, rather than being a release to meet a deadline.

Now available on Reader's Wives - Secrecy & Sex - EP. Thanks guys and hope to catch you next week in London.

Follow the link for more about Reader’s Wives.

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  1. [...] is a brave release by Reader’s Wives, as it is a huge step away from the debut EP Secrecy and Sex, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This EP is a clear stepping stone in the development of Reader’s [...]

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