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Paul Liddell | Milestones and Motorways

Paul Liddell, an artist for whom I have considerable respect has once again brought out a new release in-between his extensive live performances – Milestones and Motorways.

Paul Liddell Milestones and Motorways

Paul Liddell Milestones and Motorways

Opening the 11 track album is A Means to an End a vicissitude to humanities self absorption, which is carried off with typical furious guitar accompaniment. A superb opening to the album.

Game Show Host, reflects on the maelstrom of life, with a slower track which envelopes the listener in a cloud of protective bubble, which is just a pin-prick away from bursting.

Kill-O-Gram lets Paul explore his diatribe against Social Structures, with a lilting melody which superbly veils the vocal, in a cloud of respectability.

Footprints takes Milestones and Motorways to reflective space, of what may have been. This track brings out some real soul and powerful composition.

Milestones and Motorways gives me the sense that Paul is expressing a frustration. A frustration of the artist who has the need to keep working despite the personal sacrifice. A life somehow at odds with a deep-seated drive. I have the feeling that many would and can relate to this powerful track.

Trash is a pure reflection of the economic crisis, of the time and well delivered.

Peace of Mind again sees Paul in an introspective space, superbly honest.

Christmas takes a new musical construct as this a track arranged by a Delphians, with whom Paul regularly plays. The lyric is consistent, the construct a welcome diversion to the album.

Getting back to the mainstay of the album, Long Sunny Days, finds Paul in a reflective mood, as the track introduces another slower and powerful composition, which superbly frames the lyric.

Man in the Corner is almost a codicil to Long Sunny Days, as the ‘man on the pavement’ becomes the focus, with a telescopic perspective  implodes in the course of 4 minutes to a self appraisal.

Finishing with Red Apple, I get the sense that Paul Liddell has let us in to his world with candour.

Paul Liddell – Red Apple by Paul Liddell

Milestones and Motorways is an honest and creative release, which explores a myriad of themes of self doubt, anger and resolution. Now available on Milestones And Motorways - Paul Liddell*

Purchases made through the Milestones And Motorways - Paul Liddell link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission

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