OfeliaDorme | Sometimes it’s better to wait

The 6 track EP Sometimes it’s better to wait, by OfeliaDorme from Italy, sees the band in great form as they take the listener in to an atmospheric and brooding space.

OfeliaDorme | Sometimes it's better to wait

OfeliaDorme | Sometimes it's better to wait

to wait, which opens the release has all the essential elements that make OfeliaDorme such an interesting band. The velvet smooth music, darker than a bar of Lindt 85% cocoa, forms the backdrop to the vocal which glows like deep red nail gloss.

new pieces of science, opens with imagery of footsteps walking of gravel, a growling bass line and a superbly played acoustic guitar, which set the mood for a track. Before leading the listener in to a world with unsettling indistinct noises of a child’s chuckles, laughter from a crowd, a clacking manual typewriter, while the vocal tonality from Francesca adds more to the air of menace. The 7 minutes this track fills is a great testament to the ability of the band to create a complete play out of a composition.

6:17 pm is framed by a metronomic beat, which is the power-base of the track. I was taken to Animal Farm and an empathy with Boxer, as he ends up in the back of Alfred Simmonds van.

bells finds OfeliaDorme experimenting with mixed tempos and pauses, this is not only a challenging piece for the band to play, but one which demands attention from the listener. The bells, an allegory for finding the shinier places in life as the intense lyrics describe the strength of an individual to withstand pressure.

this world takes a tour in to the conflict between desire and rejection. The band generating a sense of pent-up energy. The urgency of the instrumentation reminds me of a moth flapping it’s wings, desperate to find out more about the bright light that attracts it yet simultaneously rejects it, until finally the rejection and attraction cause absolute submission and entrapment.

the ballad of the bitter end concludes the EP with an opening which encapsulates the optimism of young children playing and a triangle stridently rising above the vocal reflecting an adult looking back on their life and what could have been.

I left Sometimes it’s better to wait, not feeling saddened, but somehow as though I had been through a cathartic experience. Despite the sadness and forlorn lives, there is a chance, a space to take control and make for a better life. This is an EP which provides a powerful backdrop and challenges the listener to take control.

to wait – Ofelia Dorme

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