OfeliaDorme – Bloodroot – LP review

22nd March 2013 saw OfeliaDorme from Bologna in Italy who I last reviewed in February 2011 release Bloodroot their new LP which will be supported by a tour in Italy starting in April.

OfeliaDorme - Bloodroot - CD cover

OfeliaDorme – Bloodroot – CD cover

Francesca Bono sent me the CD a while ago, so it is with apologies to all that this has taken a couple of weeks to get round to writing.

The nine track LP opens with Last day first day and immediately I am back on familiar ground as the atmospheric sound of OfeliaDorme emerges from the speakers and the closing sounds of a fading and slowing industrial plant pulls in something of Let Her Dive.

Whilst retaining the misty signature sound there is a more melodic feel to the Bloodroot LP, but not at the loss of rumbling bass and percussion along with that hunting vocal as the title track Bloodroot ably demonstrates, which finds OfeliaDorme deftly exposing their ability to introduce surprises to enhance the focal point.

Magic ring finds an opening with fingers sliding over the strings, adding a relevant detail to the track which runs at a tempered and deliberately spaced delivery, allowing the listener to soak up the sounds.

Pumpkin girl – is more airy than the previous tracks and marks an appropriate interlude to Bloodroot, as the ethereal sounds float like a rising mist into the room.

Brussels marks the halfway point and  immediately has the sub-woofers stretching as a more glowering track rumbles menacingly in the ears. Somewhat appositely named, given the rolling discontent that has been steeping its way round the EU over the past few years and with the driving undertow – my personal pick of the Bloodroot.

Next comes Ulysses  - is a track riven with melody and juxtaposition, another fine example of the way OfeliaDorme throw out vagaries of texture which they are able to sew together with precision. If I were to come up with a new musical genre definition I may try Discombobulating Rock. A fine track worthy of the whole LP on it’s own.

Predictable may be the name of the seventh track, but it is far from that – as an almost acoustic feel opens the piece. Primarily a composition that provides a showcase for the vocal, this finds the band placing a new marker in the abilities that lay within, as the muted instrument and percussion resonate like a fine glass of  silky-smooth Sassicaia.

Stuttering Morning finds OfeliaDorme in a more up-tempo mood. Sadly I didn’t get round to asking the band about embedding a few tracks and can only find this pared back version to share for the whole release – my bad.

Concluding with Otherwise which finds the band in fine form as the whole of Bloodroot is drawn together to a track brimming with apparitions and a fine climax. It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity to re-introduce OfeliaDorme once again to the readers of the Indie Bands Blog and I hope it isn’t another two years before I get there again.

Bloodroot – Ofeliadorme is available on iTunes*.

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