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Mono Stereo – Girl, I Love you – Single

Mono Stereo after some serious studio time have their new single Girl, I Love you – coming out on 20th June 2010 as a prelude to their upcoming debut album – Who Built the Pyramids?

Mono Stereo | Girl, I Love You

Mono Stereo | Girl, I Love You

Girl, I Love You the A side, is immediately recognizable as Mono Stereo, with the signature, Ennio Morricone, guitar duo. Their time in the studio has been well spent as the track has a sharper lining, while retaining the effervescent enthusiasm of the band. Having had the pleasure of meeting the guys and spending time talking, it comes as no surprise the release has taken a while to meet their exacting standards. In just under four minutes of output, Mono Stereo succesfully transition 5 decades of music, without stretching any credibility. Girl, I Love you is a melange of sounds, which is crafted in to the finest Claret, somehow familiar yet with a refreshing and new flavour.

Darkside, takes Mono Stereo more towards their psychedelic Hawkwind atmospherics, as the track draws images of a low budget Sci-Fi film, before gathering the mists together and the band delivers 6 minutes of music which chases Silver Machine. As I have remarked in previous reviews of the band, their creqtivity, permits them to explore the edges of their sounds, with out wandering in to aimless pits of self-indulgence.

As regular readers of the blog will know, when I see a track of 6 minutes in length, I expect the worst, as I know bands who could fit an album in to that space of time, but Mono Stereo have the knack of turning that 6 minutes in to an all to brief experience.

Mono Stereo – Girl, I Love You by Two Tap Digital

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