Middle Class Fashion – Jungle – LP review

It was January 2012 that I reviewed a 14 track LP – Girl Talk by Middle Class Fashion and they return with another 14 track LP Jungle – set for release on the 2nd August 2013.

Middle Class Fashion - Jungle - LP review

Middle Class Fashion – Jungle – LP review

Opening with piano chords – Wanted – takes us into the space that is Middle Class Fashion with aplomb as the orchestration builds throughout the track and the listener is left wanting more, precisely what you need on the first track of an LP and it is some pleasure to hear the piano subsuming into synth before recomposing as the piece closes.

Stuck finds the band in a hurry up mood. Perhaps it is the feeling of being at an American version of a Chas ‘n Dave concert that draws my ears to what these guys are up to on this one, but either way, I am in a good space.

Golden Rose takes the material to a more synthetic driven space and the plethora of skills that sit within the band are exposed, as the hips are drawn into the activity.

Let Me Down wanders off to honky-tonk guitar and when combined with US surf pop you can’t but help have fun.

Holy Mother finds the band in a more serious mode as the rock definitions are given space to pour out of the speakers and the true dexterity of Middle Class Fashion is explored in the opening section of the LP.

Junk has a feel of a chorale as echoed vocal opens the piece and the track retains an ecclesiastical feel as it develops and begins to flower. An intriguing track full of contradiction betwixt keys and percussion.

So Long has a stage musical feel as the listener is shaken awake with an almost theatrical staging which the mind can envisage being performed to a Broadway backdrop.

Opening the second half of Jungle –  Perfect Person allows the keys to deliver chorded sympathies to the sounds and technically this is perhaps the most challenging piece the band follow and it sits as superb testament to the ability sitting underneath the layers, a delightful track.

Cracked The Bottle intrigues me and perhaps that is because given my European ears and the breadth of influences in the band I would have expected a Celtic or French influence, but there is neither and whilst not disappointed I am not excited. I don’t quite get the connection between the title and the mood of the track.

Come Around Anytime is as near to the middle of the road as Middle Class Fashion stray and whilst I am sure there are many who will understand this, not my favourite track by a long chalk.

You’re Wrong  or as the MP3s I received have it Yr Wrong - but I just can’t help myself – is a pure delight to my ears after the previous two tracks and I find myself back in-tune with what ever it may really be called and once again I understand why I suggest you spend some time with Middle Class Fashion.

Everything has an hypnotic float running through it as the band utilise pipes to deliver some sublime background texture and as so often with capable musicians it is the added dot or dash of colour that adds so much more value than would be anticipated.

As it says on the tin, Phantoms takes a more ghostly trail and the band delivers a superb piece of music as the lower notes are explored in greater detail and I find myself transfixed. My pick of the release.

Concluding with Kingdoms, Middle Class Fashion do as they did with the last LP I reviewed of theirs, save the best ’til towards the end of the LP and once again, I guess I am hanging on another release in 12 to 18 months as sadly they are based in the USA and I am not.

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