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Long Long Showers – Imagine the image

Long Long Showers, recently released the six track EP, Imagine the Image, which is currently available as a CD.

Long Long Showers - Imagine the Image

The unmistakable sound of Long Long Showers, is captured really well on the EP.

Is this what people come home to: uses bass and drum to drive the track forward, with the distinctive voice of Petter Wennblom, at its most Ferryesque. The guitars break through with their recognizable high octave reverb. This is a well put together piece of work and a great opener to the EP.

I´m all ears van Gogh
: has a more prophetic sound and some great flat bars on the chorus are superbly executed to add some real atmosphere to the piece.

The remaining branches of my family tree: Is a well constructed piece of work, as the whole band play off each other and for some strange reason I found myself smiling through the track. This is well balanced and brings out the sense of fun that brought the band together in the first place.

Just below average Joe: Sees the band in a faster mode, as the guitars of Kristofer Lilja and Niklas Hegfalk immediately create a sense of urgency to this track. Not something to listen to while wearing a straight-jacket, the whole sense of movement requires your body to join in.

Bait meets catch: Returns to the velvety sound of the early ’80s indie rock. Tobias Magnusson on Bass is given a chance to take the instrument out for a spin. As a fan of good strong bass, how could I not enjoy this piece.

Electricity inside: Has a far more rock feel to it and on this occasion Emil Jönsson is given room to explore the drum kit. The track changes pace throughout, as the band bring us to the conclusion of what is a well put together EP .

Thanks to Tobias for sending me over the EP to listen to. It now has a well deserved place in my play list and I would recommend this for that Thursday night when you know you want to go out and make a long weekend of it. Available for purchase here.

Follow the link for more on Long Long Showers on the indie bands blog.

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