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Junior – Dia Uno / Cariño, Rapido! Un Ticket Hacia Vos – EP review

Just under a year ago I took a look at Junior from Argentina. With nothing in between suddenly arrived in my inbox news of Dia Uno / Cariño, Rapido! Un Ticket Hacia Vos a three track EP.



To be fair – I had low expectations as the last set of music I received was an absolute delight.

But my muffled boots were filled with joy as I played Dia Uno which resonated of the bass and voice cracking as it reached to the  low notes, I had to do a double take – was this just an old song re-energised with a shorter intro, but no this is a genuinely sharper sound and as I wander round the room with more than a semblance of a smile, I have to remember I am meant to be writing a review – So let’s take a listen to what sparks my head and hips.

Well if I thought I enjoyed the opener - Cariño, Rapido! Un Ticket Hacia Vos – is a more expressive exposition of instrumentation and lyrical context as despite a lengthy introduction - well let’s be fair it is only 30 odd seconds and this is the signature of Junior – though may not sit so well in my ears. The trio demonstrate some impressive creative skills as they meld psychedelia infused guitar with sub-woofer stretching bass lines.

Concluding the EP is a live performance of Trix which because of its complete polarisation adds a smarting flash of whiplash to the release as the vocal is buried in the background rather than boring in to the ears.

The bar is at a parallel – albeit a high bar – so it will be interesting to hear if  Junior is able to raise the game next time round – or to hear whether we have a band I am always happy to hear from, as distant as those connections maybe, who nevertheless never quite fulfil their potential. I have high hopes, but I do know how difficult the Argentinian live scene can be, so it may take a little while to gain the confidence to explore.

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