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Inspire Influence – Review of Planet Destroyer EP

Inspire Influence were covered by us in March of this year, however due to their new five track release Planet Destroyer  which is due out in  the next few weeks, a new review is in order!


Inspire Influence - Planet Destroyer

Inspire Influence – Planet Destroyer

The ambient Kepler 22. With its beautiful synth intro, the song slowly builds with wailing layers being subtly added. As ridiculous as this may sound, the song fits the breath-taking Canadian landscape and you can feel all the influences that have shaped the band into what they are.

From these minimalistic beginnings, Relaunching is a song with far more body. This track seamlessly blends into Kepler 22, and for the first time we are given and electronic beat for the song to build on. Again, layer upon layer of synth melody build to make quite a substantial sound! With the guitar coming in a third of the way through, it is a welcome and rawer sound in comparison to the song’s airy beginning. The repetitiveness of the song is mesmerizing, without being boring; far from it in fact!

Something that baffles me about Inspire Influence is how they can finishing the song over a minute before the actual ‘track’ ends, and still hold every bit of your attention until the next song. To me, this suggests something extra special!

As with Repairing which doesn’t really start until roughly a minute in, but every second before is completely necessary! We hear our first natural drum sound in this song, and they are used in a way to generate the most powerful sound possible. Never taking up any particular rhythm, they are there only to compliment the song. Like the Relaunching and Kepler 22, Repairing never really builds to anything, but builds none-the-less!

The fourth track Seeker is the single of the LP, and this is probably a wise decision as it is probably the most traditionally structured song. The intro is simple and engrossing; however unlike the earlier songs, Seeker finally delivers on the enormous, epic sound I have been expecting so come all along. And it does not disappoint in the slightest!

The fifth, and final track is the title track; Planet Destroyer. The track brings us to a fitting conclusion, taking in elements of each track.

Inspire Influence are a truly special band, and when I finish the last word of this review I will be hitting the internet in order to find anything else that these wonderfully talent boys have to offer. This band is fantastic, and I wish them every bit of luck in anything they do in the future.

…Glad to know it isn’t just me that finds the open spaces in their out-put tantalizing. Thanks for the review Nathan…

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