Cosmo Jarvis | Sure as Hell Not Jesus EP

Cosmo Jarvis, has just released his latest perspective on the world, Sure as Hell Not Jesus, a 4 track EP.

Cosmo Jarvis | Sure as Hell Not Jesus

Cosmo Jarvis | Sure as Hell Not Jesus

Sure as Hell Not Jesus – The opening track finds Cosmo in finest form with a toe stomping country inspired reflection on religion. The track stands on its own but as I said to Will from Two Tap Digital, who sent me the details, without the video, I may not have got here so soon…. Those of you who know me will appreciate that my political and religious stance, is reflected superbly in the video and those who are new to the blog, welcome and I hope you stick with the indie bands blog to keep you up to date with the best in indie music….. back to the track, toe stomping. This has all the hallmarks of an archetypal British satirical release, as Cosmo draws on sounds from Fastest Milkman, Grandad and Chas ‘n’ Dave, which will mean so little beyond these shores, with barbs sharply pointed at Catholicism.

What’s Wrong With Betty (Part I) finds Cosmo pumping out more of the same tempo, this time accompanied by swhirls of instrumentation and a nod to ska and the theatrics of British resort Piers. For some reason I am drawn to the hulk of the West Pier in Brighton, seedy, gaudy, broken, yet so much potential – a superb composition.

Road Closed reminds me of the open heart of Paul Liddell, as the flummery is stripped away and Cosmo explores personal choices. This is perhaps the strongest track musically and emotionally on the release as we get somewhere near to the core of Jarvis. Reminscent of Simon and Garfunkel, while the style doesn’t hit my ears, the honesty racks points for integrity.

Finishing with the reggae off-beats of Why Do Angels Make Me Cry?, how could I not fall for the track. Cosmo strains but carries off the transition to an opening gutteral vocal before lifting us up a couple of octaves on the guitar and the track heads to his natural pitch and the piece soars to meet up with the angels. While I enjoyed the Peruvian interlude, I am not sure this track does absolute justice to the EP.

All in all a great release which takes the listener on an exploration of tempo, style and concepts, all the while keeping me smiling with anticipation. Worth heading over to Sure As Hell Not Jesus - EP - Cosmo Jarvis* where the release is available.

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