Boxed Wine – Cheap, Fun – LP review

Boxed Wine from the USA released their debut half an hour ten track LP-  Cheap, Fun on the 21st May 2013.

Boxed Wine - LP cover - Cheap, Fun

Boxed Wine – LP cover – Cheap, Fun

Sharper eyed readers will recall a review back in January of the same name  on the 3 track EP – Cheap, Fun. Only one song has made the cut from that release.

Opening with the poppy indie number Into The Nite which is the recognizable sound of Boxed Wine.

Next comes Cannibal which continues the dance tempo and the sounds are reminiscent of the early stages of Romanticism with white soled, blue plimsolls, bare ankles or dayglo pop socks.

Whilst there is a certain definable similarity to the songs, First Time has a slightly rock focussed edge to it, as the bass and percussion are permitted to become more expressive.

Tearing It Up is a light texture of bursting zest that sparkles like the best disco-ball.

Taking us in to the second half of Cheap, Fun and don’t forget that comma when you say the name is Spies sort of sums up that feeling you get when you are dancing with someone for the first time – that you suddenly realize is pretty hot.

Danger Eyes takes the scenario of Spies to a love theme but Boxed Wine are in no mood to leave the dance-party any-time soon.

On The Run has a slightly edgier feel that is more akin to a CBGBs night out and the band deliver a generous stack of music.

Overboard brings out some different instrumentation and is my pick of the release and displays the band in fine form.

The penultimate track Dayglow (Why Can’t We Stay) is the only song to make it from the EP with the same name and it is perhaps no surprise, as I described this track on that release as being far lighter than the rest of the release.

Concluding with Tells Me So which rounds off a cheering debut LP, for this sunny bank holiday as I type and it sits well in my ear.

Lyrically throughout Cheap, Fun there is more anxiety and uncertainty of relationships than the music on the surface would have you believe, which marks this out as a neat little LP to add to the summer playlist.

Cheap, Fun – Boxed Wine is available on iTunes*.

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