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Audiogold – Perceptions of Colour – EP review

Back in August 2011 the Indie Bands Blog reviewed Embers and Theories by Audiogold they have just released their latest four track EP – Perceptions of Colour.

Perception of Colour

Audiogold – Perception of Colour


Perceptions of Colour see Audiogold in a more introspective space with a slightly different feel and far darker resonance. The material remains of superb quality retaining the signature guitars and shows some great development in the bands confidence.

Black Ink is a great introduction to the EP as immediately the listener is treated to a track that contains some intriguing ‘off stage’ whispers which perk the ears to needing to replay and just check they did really hear what they thought. The music finds the band playing far more as though fused in to one than has previously been experienced, where they have let individual instruments take the lead role.

Something New is influenced by rock-a-billy, yet they have tempered this to not become a dance number, as they grasp hold of the beats and wrestle them in to submission, to deliver an out-standing rock ballad reflecting both lyrically and musically with the complexities of human interaction. This alone should propel the band to a whole new level of visibility.

Lost and Thrown Away hints at the classical roots as a symphonic orchestral composition melts in to a track which oozes of sentiment and it would be no surprise to hear this on a film score at some stage. Incredibly ear friendly, but the essence of what made me first write about Audiogold a few years ago remains at the core. These are a highly talented group of musicians and Perceptions of Colour is a superb showcase of their playing and song-writing skills.

Concluding with Sail Away, brings back the folk rock grounding of the band, yet retains the melancholia of the release.

It will be interesting to find out where the music heads and what happens to Audiogold after two sublime releases. Unbelievably Perceptions of Colour is being released as a pay what you like.

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