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Once again, thanks to Andy Carlin for the review ( which is from a while ago). The See See were actually the support band at this gig for The Ruby Suns but outshone them completely. When the set kicked off it was following on from a first gig band (Arch M) and so they had to warm up the audience themselves which they did well. Within the first song or so the crowd was growing and very few left during the set, quite a testament considering the incredible heat of the room and the length of the breaks between the bands.

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The See See by Toby Cameron

The See See by Toby Cameron

‘Half a man and a horses head’ stuck out for me during the gig as a particularly different style from the majority of the set. It contrasted well with the more heavily guitar and drum driven tracks providing a more vocally focused song. The style reminded me of The Zutons to some extent but also includes the band psychedelic influences and even some 60’s surf rock styling.

Mary Soul is a perfect example of their layered musical style with both guitars performing individually without interfering with each other. The ability to hear the vocals clearly over the numerous instruments is a mark of the bands ability to balance the need to hear songs clearly with the greater energy required for live gigs.

The set was a good mixture of songs with heavy bass and drum beats and layered vocals as well as some towering guitar solo’s. The whole sound in fact is one which has undertones of surf and festival rock of the 60’s and 70’s combining the bands psychedelic edge to create a fusion of rock with lyrics catchy enough to catch indie pop market too.

Overall the gig was good, maybe not the right crowd for the band but that was as much down to the venue who advertised only the headliners as playing as anything else. Even though it was more of a crowd standing and listening than screaming out the band’s name it seemed to fit their developed and intelligent style of music. They are a band well worth seeing live if the opportunity arises and thoroughly deserve to be playing the larger venues which they hopefully soon.

It was a shame to see the gig finish with what was frankly a poor performance by The Ruby Suns, a band who sound far better when listening to their recorded music rather than live where they seemed a little haphazard and drowned each other out.

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