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The Moonjets – October 28th 229 Club

The 229 club is a medium sized venue found right underneath International Students House in Great Portland Street London. It’s directly opposite one of the Tube stations exits though I managed to miss it entirely at first. There were 4 bands playing but the one that stood out were The Moonjets.

The Moonjets - Stand in Line

The Moonjets - Stand in Line

The Moonjets are a real surprise to regular gig goers, they are not just another indie-band who play their guitars too loudly and shout their way through songs about ex girlfriends. A plethora of different influences can be heard in their songs with hints of indie rock, pop and even a little folk and country in parts. The Moonjets list The Beatles and The Jam as two of their key influences and elements of both can be heard in their songs. However they also mix the 60s and 80s sounds with a decidedly modern twist reminiscent of The Kooks and The Wombats. This mixture of Pop Rock and modern Indie influences give the band a melodic sound which is really catchy whilst not abandoning its rock roots.

Despite several equipment failures and no sound check before they went on The Moonjets had the best interaction with the crowd of any band of the night (even if this was partly enforced by the problems with the equipment). Even with the problems, the guys in the band genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves on stage and didn’t make the mistake of concentrating too much, to the detriment of the performance.

Musically the mixture between acoustic and electric guitars gave songs a more layered sound with greater depth. The use of the acoustic guitar also meant there was no overpowering of the vocals which can sometimes be the problem of multiple guitars. The songs were a good mix ranging from face paced indie pop right through to some slower more melodic numbers. The Stand out song for me was Stand in Line, yes it’s a horrible cliché, and it wouldn’t sound out of place if played with some of the top indie rock songs around. The lyrics were so catchy I even found myself singing along at points.

Stand in line by moonjets

An energetic and enjoyable band to see, The Moonjets seems destined for bigger and better things. Their EP’s are available on Stand In Line EP - Moonjets* and they play regularly. Give them a listen, I recommend their Stand in Line EP particularly, and go down and see them if you get the chance.

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* purchases made through the Stand In Line EP - Moonjets link will result in the indie bands blog erning a commission.

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