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Rev78 Album Launch for ‘boy in the blitz’ – Proud Camden

A review of the launch of Boy in the Blitz by Rev78, written by Andy Carlin, thanks Andy



Rev78’s album launch was the first gig I’ve been to at Proud, the restaurant come club come gig venue (plus anything else they can seem to fit in the space!). Based in the old Horse hospital market the club retains much of the old charm of the place, the old horse stalls have become private booths and many other original features remain though fans of the old market may find themselves immediately biased against Proud. The high ceilings and slanted roof offer unusual acoustics, there’s plenty of places to escape the music if it’s not your taste and but for the expensive drinks Proud makes a good all round venue. Rev78 started off in my good books, for once a band that actually came on stage near to the time they said they would! Right from the start it was clear they weren’t just another Camden indie band and throughout the set I wasn’t disappointed,

Though I enjoyed most of the set my favourite song of the night was probably Harrier. The song represented a major change from most of the rest of the set, simple guitar and drum beats dominating with none of the soaring vocal changes. Performed more enthusiastically live than on the album Harrier is a great song but possibly not for rev78 as their strength is not in the simple beats of 90s rock. Instead they are better off concentrating on their strengths, the lyrical prowess of front man Teddy Quick and the rest of the bands great co-ordination not noticeably missing a beat which is rare in live shows and reminiscent of new wave of the 70s and early 80s. I found myself drawing links with Editors after hearing the intro to Could have been a dancer, simple but enthrallingly relaxing guitar resulting in an excellent song and for me the perfect example of rev78’s sound. Breaking up the tempo was one area where I was actually a little disappointed. Though the first few songs were nicely varied rev78 then went on a run of several songs which were hard to tell apart for someone new to the band. This remains a minor criticism however as none of the songs were poor merely the sound remained a little repetitive.

Us against them all offered a chance to hear the bands full repertoire from the full range of guitar to the powerful lyrics which are the trademark of rev78’s sound somehow without ever losing the simplicity that is the beauty of their music.

Interestingly there are noticeable differences between listening to the album performed live and hearing it in its recorded form. Though this is not altogether unusual the fact that neither overshadows the other is as most bands are considerably stronger at one rather than the other. Throughout the set echoes were prominent in many songs, whether deliberate or a consequence of the venues unusual acoustics they added an extra dimension to several songs though they were overused considerably on others. There was also a stronger emphasis on guitar and lyrics live, at points the bass was almost inaudible, which didn’t have the negative effect on the rhythm that I was expecting but did serve to leave some songs lacking a harder edge that would benefit them. This edge is evident in the recorded album, possibly just one of the mysteries of live performances where not everything can always go right on the night.

So rev78, just another one of dozens of bands playing a midweek gig in a small Camden venue?

Definitely not, an energetic, dedicated and genuinely nice group of guy’s rev78 offer something a little different from the hordes of other bands around Camden. They might not be ready to hit the big time yet but given another year or so of experience and they could find a niche with their sound.

Promoting boy in the blitz, the album that this gig was launching, rev78 are playing a series of gigs in the coming months and are worth seeing if you can.

Thanks to Km for sorting out the tickets and good luck to Andy with his exams.

For more on Rev78 and a full review of Boy in the Blitz

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