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Bombay Bicycle Club at Cambridge Corn Exchange February 2010

Bombay Bicycle Club arrived at Cambridge as part of the Shockwaves NME Awards tour, playing a 45 minute set as the fourth band on for the night.

Bombay Bicycle Club O2 Arena Leeds © Nick Pickles

Bombay Bicycle Club O2 Arena Leeds © Nick Pickles

Just recently every good gig I have gone to see involves driving through the rain or snow or ice, last night I had the whole lot, that led me to believe it was going to be a good night and Bombay Bicycle Club didn’t let my expectations down at all.

I have read some reviews of this tour about the band, which on last night performance don’t make much sense to me. Their high energy and great stage craft had the Cambridge crowd in full-support from the off.

On numerous songs, it was the back of the audience who started to move first and there was more of a tsunami than a ripple of movement throughout the whole set. In the large indoor arena people were hoiked up on to shoulders to get a better view through the enthusiastic audience. Even up in the boxes there were few sitting still as Bombay Bicycle Club took us on an anthemic set.

The powerhouse drumming rippled through the arena and the reggae influenced beats sounded pretty sharp. Perhaps some commentators on live performance expect to hear a precise rendition of recorded out-put, perhaps I have a more realistic expectation. Things don’t quite pan out perfectly, that is the nature of live performance. What matters is how the band copes and how the audience respond. This is a young band who have done fantastically well, since officially leaving school just 18 months ago and their continued touring has given them great confidence.

Judging by the support and burnt-calories from the set in Cambridge, they are doing exactly what the audience expect and enjoy. If you get to see them, no matter where you are in the auditorium, expect to get on your feet and move to the highly energetic and hypnotic beats. If you are not all that tall, take a step-ladder or a friend with strong shoulders.

Once again thanks to Nick Pickles for the image from the O2 Arena in Leeds.

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