Indie Music Tips #10 Mastering with Thaddeus Moore

Thaddeus Moore of Liquid Mastering takes Indie Music Tips into double figures with thoughts and advice on getting the best out of Mastering. In addition to a competition which ends on the 30th June 2013.

Thaddeus Moore of Liquid Mastering

Thaddeus Moore of Liquid Mastering

In which we talk about areas including mixing your own material, avoiding digital disasters, preparation of music to get the best out of mastering, a competition (full details for entry are after the video) and the tricks that ears play amongst other things.

Song – pre and post mastered – credit to The BeatRoot Band.

The competition for a Mastered Track runs until the 30th June 2013. To enter please send your track to tim @ by 23:59 UTC on the 30th June 2013 in .wav format at the correct bit and sample rates and I will make a selection at random to pass on to Thaddeus who will then liaise with you directly.

To contact Thaddeus.

Cloud storage with bitcasa.

Meter plug-in as featured in the video.

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