Shonen Knife!

After just over thirty years it is about time I took a look at the Osaka, Japan, based Essential indie band trio – Naoko Yamano – since formation (Vocal / Guitar), Ritsuko Taneda – since 2006 (Bass / Vocal) and Emi Morimoto since 2010 (Drums /Vocal) better known as Shonen Knife!.

Shonen Knife!

Shonen Knife!

While others were wondering about inventing indie pop Shonen Knife! was doing it and no matter which way you slice the cake, even bands that don’t think they have been influenced – if the band sits in the arena they were  - directly or indirectly  - these are the three ladies who made it happen and of equal import are still making it happen.

Wrapping up influences from ’60s pop and CBGBs,  Shonen Knife have held the torch for indie pop since ’81 with their debut album appearing in ’82 and 18 releases behind them, the trio have just released an album on the 6th June 2012 -Pop Tune – which retains all the verve, energy and enthusiasm that was present in the cassette only legendary release of only 70 copies – never re-pressed –  Minna Tanoshiku.

…. so from track 4  - Saboten of the original release what is the current Shonen Knife! up to?


Currently on a thirty year anniversary tour across the USA, my advice – don’t miss it.

The ten track LP – Pop Tune is available on Pop Tune - Shonen Knife*

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*Purchases made through the Pop Tune - Shonen Knife link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.


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