R. Stevie Moore

R. Stevie Moore from Nashville in the USA is an essential exponent of lo-fi and the DIY ethic, with over 400 LPs behind him and a legacy dating back the the late ’60s.

R. Stevie Moore

R. Stevie Moore

Unsurprisingly I won’t even go near the back-catalogue as R. Stevie Moore continues to release more and more, seemingly each week. Having been brought up in the world of music he never lost the bug and has always sought to create and rework, retaining the core that he started with, lo-fi DIY. His material spans an enormous range of musical styles.

It took Europe  a few decades to spot R. Stevie Moore and his first full European tour wasn’t until 2011, though he can be found from time to time appearing in venues around the world.

His music continues to engage established fans, who religiously chase down all of his material and archives, whilst newer audiences stumble across his music and find that there is far more to hear than initially anticipated and the out-put continues to fascinate.

Not only does he continue to release new material, he continues to support the development of new bands.


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