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Indie Band of the week 3rd October 2009

Topping the top 10 chart for the indie bands blog,  band of the week for w/e 3rd October is Jon and Lynn.

Band of the week: Top 10. Saturday 3rd October 2009.

  1. Jon and Lynn US (New entry)
  2. Juliet Gough Denmark (new entry)
  3. The Drums US (-1 place)
  4. Vaqueros Paganos Argentina (+1 place)
  5. Negro Fluo Argentina (-4 places)
  6. Operator Six UK (new entry)
  7. The Five One US (-4 places)
  8. The Swing Movement UK (-4 places)
  9. The XX UK (-3 places)
  10. Gary War – USA (new entry)

Jon and Lynn literally started by jamming together around a kitchen table and immediately found a connection between each other and the music they were creating, which comes across in their work.  The duo also discovered matches in their eclectic musical and artistic interests, which enables them to comfortably explore a wide range of styles and approaches to the music.

John and Lynn

Jon and Lynn

Classically trained and with a background in Jazz, the stylistic output of Jon and Lynn, has enabled Jon to develop new ways of using an instrument he has played for years. Lynn has used her background in acting, musical theatre and singing, to great effect, with intuitive ability to express the sentiments of a lyric, while picking up the centre pitch from a bass note.

Much more is planned from the Duo and they have already laid plans for a new video. As soon as we have more on that, you can be sure the Indie Bands Blog will keep you informed.

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