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Band of the week 6th March 2010

Fez, originally from Wales, but now based in Battersea, London have re-entered the charts and taken over the number one spot for the band of the week on the indie bands blog.

Fez @Dublin Castle

Fez @Dublin Castle

  1. Fez England/Wales (re-entry)
  2. Junkstar England (new entry)
  3. Elephantom USA (+ 5 places)
  4. The Supernovas England (re-entry)
  5. The Drums USA (- 4 places) (for the regular followers of the blog this is the infamous pole at Flowerpot Camden)
  6. The Soft Pack USA (re-entry)
  7. Stellarscope USA (re-entry)
  8. Periplo Argentina (re-entry)
  9. Archy and Mehitabel USA (re-entry)

  10. Play Gigs

  11. The Gadsdens England (unchanged)

I had the opportunity to see Fez, along with a couple of scouts last week and will be posting an article, Despite the reservations of the band that they could do better, the nerves with which many bands suffer, they are pleasing an expanding fanbase.

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  1. seft says:

    Cool, it’s I remember, to be in the future …

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